Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Have a Little Drink, If You Know What I Meeeeaan!

What does living in perfect health really mean? Some would say that it is impossible to have perfect health, while others would say perfect health is relative to the individual and what he wants to achieve in life. There really is no right answer when it comes to the subject of perfect health, however there is a protocol that will ensure levels of perfection that are undeniable. There are so many obstacles to just plain good health today that before one can think of perfection, these obstacles must be overcome and eliminated from everyday living and consumption. The first of many is alcohol. 

Alcohol has become so common place now that there is not one adult television show or movie that does not have drinking scene or one neighborhood that does not have an outlet/bar that sells liquor. Although over the last 500 years we have seen the devastating affects that alcohol consumption has had in the lives and health of billions of people it is still being marketed and sold in every corner of the world. I live in a very small village in the Central Region of Ghana West Africa. In my community we number about 200 people. In the village proper there are more than 5 bars that sell liquor in the smallest single shot packages to the largest bottles of "Snaps", they are open from morning till morning and there is always someone sitting for drinks. This addictive substance has become a detriment to many families and individuals. However, the majority of people still thinks it's alright to have a little drink

Let me tell you what liquor does to the body to get you high. When you take a drink of liquor, beer, whiskey or wine soon after a person feels "relaxed" or "whoozey" and many consider this a good feeling because it takes there mind off of their troubles and stresses. However what is really happening in the body is a toxic reaction to poison. Anytime you introduce alcohol into the body it immediately recognizes it as a poison and goes into defense mode. The blood vessels of the brain begin to constrict (tighten up) to protect the brain, which is the center of the central nervous system, this constriction is to stop as much of the poison from entering the brain, therefore the oxygen and blood supply to the brain is reduced which creates the high feeling and the reduced level of consciousness. In an effort to rid the body of the toxins as fast as possible many drunk or inebriated people will experience frequent urination' also as a defense to the poisonous drink. 

On a physical level alcohol adversely affects the stomach, the heart and liver. For a person who drinks alcohol frequently the tell tale signs will begin to show up on their face with the following: enlarged red sweaty nose, an enlarged tight upper lip, an enlarged juicy looking bottom lip, and glossy red eyes. (see Self Assessment: Facial Analysis for more details on what the face can reveal) It never fails that a chronic drinker will have one or more of these signs. The body tells everything! Another crucial side affect of drinking alcohol is creating an overly acid state in the body which depletes the body's calcium supply and blocks other nutrients from being assimilated. Not to mention the diseases that can eventually develop due to alcohol consumption that can induce heart failure, kidney failure and liver failure.

The bottom line is those that choose to be healthy don't choose alcohol.

Dr. Akua's Alcohol Detox Plan:
1) Get a health assessment from a qualified Naturopath. (One who doesn't drink.)
2) Get blood work done to determine the health of your vital organs.
3) Begin work of the emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances that make the use of alcohol necessary in dealing with life.
4) Use proven stop smoking techniques that include a nutrition plan, an alternative drink formula of herbs that regenerates the brain on a cellular level and curbs the taste of alcohol.
5) Join a support group and actively change your drunk friends and hangouts.
6) Hire a Life Coach To schedule a complimentary 15 minute consultation book with me today. Services

You can free yourself from the addiction of alcohol. Your health is valuable enough to commit to the try. 

Dr. Akua Gray
August 31, 2016
Houston, TX

Thursday, August 11, 2016

World Vegan Tour: Stop 3 - The Big D!

No mater where we travel, it is always a wonderful treat to find a completely raw restaurant. On our latest trip to Dallas, TX we were actually not thinking about raw, because the recommended spot for the best vegan food in Dallas, was a cooked vegan diner. Unfortunately, the diner was closed on the day we had available to eat out. So I ventured to to see what the alternative had to offer in vegan cuisine in Dallas. They had a lot of the usual Asian food type eateries that came up however, we’ve been there and done that, and unless I’m in Thailand, which I do plan on visiting soon, we’ve had just about everything vegan in Thai food. I was on the quest for something unique and guess what I found! BE RAW: Food and Juice Cafe in a cozy little village type shopping area that boasted an irresistible menu of live foods, raw vegan drinks and desserts.

You know the pictures on websites always make places look much bigger than they really are and this restaurant was tiny, in fact so small that you walk through the cashier station and kitchen to get to the coed bathroom. However, you know big things can come in small packages and the flavors and quality that Be Raw is putting out is tremendously big! I really love fresh organic food the flavors. 

We were greeted by the most knowledgeable host. He was super friendly and his suggestive selling presentation made you want to order it all. And I think we did because the bill was close to $100. Anyway spare no expense for organic and quality. Ok, enough of the side bars, let’s get to the food.

We started off with fresh young jelly coconuts and fresh squeezed organic green juice, now how many eateries have this? 

Then we moved on the entrees which included a sunflower seed tuna inspired sandwich, taco salad and Rawcos (tacos)! Take a look at these!

 Often times there is the misconception that raw food restaurants don't give you enough food. This was not the case with Be Raw. The serving portions were very filling and delicious. I like to taste every part of the vegetation in my meals and the mixture of fresh and dehydrated veggies in the taco salad was the best when it came to flavor. Chenu really liked the sunflower pate "tuna" sandwich, however I didn't find it very flavorful and only took a few bites from my portion of the dish. There were so many other things I would have loved to have tried on the menu but my stomach was just not going to have any overeating, so we finished off with the vegan cookies and cream cheesecake and cacao donuts holes.

We also had a visitor with us on this trip, Abena came to visit from NYC for the weekend and the food and fellowship was divine. She had the Rawsanga that you see pictured at the top of the page and her plate was empty too when it was all over. Dallas, TX has a real treat for you in the raw and we give this vegan spot 4.5 ankhs.

Dr. Akua Gray
Houston, TX
August 11, 2016

Friday, July 1, 2016

World Vegan Tour 2016 - Houston, TX

There's a cozy little veg-spot in the Upper Kirby District of Houston, TX that I couldn't pass up on this tour. They serve unique deli sandwiches and vegan specialty entrees. I have to admit I've been here many times and love the fact that I can choose something different on the menu each visit. The Field of Greens is a nice spot for a quick vegan/vegetarian friendly lunch. On our most recent trip there we had...

The unique thing about this sandwich is it has multiple layers of flavors and textures including crunchy, spicy, creamy, tangy, smooth, green, flaky, peppery and chewy. There's also a choice of soup, salad or sweet potato fries with your meal and though there is only one vegan creamy dressing that is always served, it is delightful every time. The burrito has just as many flavors and is packed to the rim for a hearty eater like Dr. Chenu. 
Whenever we visit the Field of Greens 230 W. Alabama, Houston, TX 77098,  it's never crowded and the restaurant boast such beautiful plant life all around the inside and outside which keeps the vibe green and healthy. They have an array of condiments to choose from as food flavors lean more toward naturally tasting cuisine instead of salts and sauces. There is one inconsistent thing I have noticed about Field of Greens and that is not having a regular selection of vegan desserts. It's a hit or miss every time and most of the time it's a miss. A little sweet at the end of a great meal is a cultural thing in dining that every restaurant can profit from. Ok let's get the review on today's dishes.

Houston also has several vegan restaurants worth mentioning including Loving Hut in Southwest Houston and Green Seed in Third Ward. More to come on 2016 World Vegan Tour we're hitting the States first and then we'll be taking you north, south, east and west across the waters. Happy Vegan eating!

Dr. Akua Gray
Houston, TX
June 30, 2016

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Menstrual Cup: To Use or Not to Use

Speaking on good health is synonymous to speaking about nature. Modern technology has brought forth many special gifts to add to the journey of living. One of those gifts that have been gaining popularity among young women is the menstrual cup. I heard about this device a few years ago and since then I have never gave much thought to it until recently when I encountered the menstrual cup being promoted in the popular yoni steam training and therapies that are sweeping the spa world now.

I have a reserve about anything that is not natural especially when it is being told to women that something is ok to put inside their body. I did my research to find out exactly what the menstrual cup is, how it's used and whether I can comfortably recommend this device to the many families that value my knowledge on health.

When I talked to women who have used the menstrual cup one of the first things they have said to me is that it is made out of a natural material, but no one was able to tell me what that material was. It's silicon. Yes, the menstrual cup is made from a raw material called silicon quartz, This raw material is dug from the earth, sent to the factory and heated up to a melt down to remove the oxygen elements and then it is mixed with methanol to form chloromethane. To produce the silicone rubber for the menstrual cup, the mixture is then taken through the process of hydrolysis and polycondensation that make the rubber both breathable and water resistant. In the molding process of making the cups chemical coloring is added to make the cups pretty and appealing to the consumer.

According to the instructions for insertion, the woman is to fold the edges of the cup, insert it into the vagina to allow it to pop in place around the cervix and then the device catches her menstrual blood for a day. This process is repeated every day of her cycle. Some of the personal reviews that I have gotten from women have stated that the cup is good to use, some had to go through several sizes to find the right fit, and most say that it is messy when taking it out.

Now let's get back to nature. According to nature there are only two things that should go into the vagina, a penis and water. Everything else would be considered an invasion. It is not natural for a woman to stick her fingers and a device into her vagina everyday of her menstrual cycle. Good vaginal and yoni health has 6 rules that ensure the preservation, good health and positive regeneration. Anything that is good for the vagina should be:
1. Natural
2. Non-invasive
3. Plant-based
4. Hydrating
5. Pleasant
6. Simple

How does the menstrual cup measure up to these health standards?
1. Natural - No. The device contains chemicals and goes through an extensive processing to develop
2. Non-Invasive - No. A woman has to intrude upon the vagina at least 6 - 10 times during her cycle
3. Plant-based - No. Although made from a natural mineral silicon was not created for the vagina
4. Hydrating - No. The silicon rubber is water repellent
5. Pleasant - No. Too many complaints about the complication to get used to the cup
6. Simple - No. Too many complaints using the words: messy, bloody, difficult to put in and take out

One of the great spiritual thinkers of our time, Ra Un Nefer Amen says in Metu Neter Volume 1 that, "...75% plus of manufactured goods is not only unnecessary, it is a waste of natural resources that will be sorely missed in decades to come." I would put the menstrual cup in this category. Some women don't care about being natural, however for those that do these 6 Rules can be applied to assist in making decisions on the best health lifestyle.

Dr. Akua Gray
June 21, 2016
Houston, TX

Friday, June 10, 2016

Dealing with the Smoking Vice Grip

In this series, we have been gauging the value of our health this year and looking at what we are willing and able to change that will make living healthier and longer a reality. There is a demon among us that is at epidemic proportions in every community and possibly every family and that is the habit of smoking marijuana, tobacco or both. Smoking as an addiction is real and most people who know the risk often make an attempt to quit but find themselves failing again and again. To be successful in eliminating the smoke addiction is best done as a weaning process that begins with a change in the individual's consciousness about their health.

When I work with clients on releasing the smoke addiction there are two questions that I pose for them to ponder: How long do you want to live? and What are you going to commit to doing to make that a reality? What I find is that most smokers have a fear of respiratory disease and dying that slow painful death involving hospitals, breathing machines and cancer. However, even this fear is trumped by the nicotine and THC.

I also take my clients through a series of reality checks that make the risks involved in smoking more real by gauging the affects the addictions have had on them so for on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. Let's preview some of these steps and you are welcome to use them and share them to help yourself or someone you love.

Dr. Akua's Smoking Health Gauge:
     1) In the initial health assessment we check the overall body pH. Which helps us determined the      chemical affects smoking has had on the body's Potential for Hydrogen
     2) Then we order a chest x-ray to be able to see the damage that has been done to the lungs up to this point in their smoking life.
     3) We also determine the emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances that make the use of smoke necessary in dealing with life.
     4) We develop a Stop Smoking Health Alternative that can include a nutrition plan, an alternative smoke formula of herbs that reduce the need for nicotine and THC in the brain and on a cellular level. This blend of organic herbs regenerate the lungs and creates that relaxed feeling without the harmful chemicals of cigarettes. The herbal formula includes mullein leaf, damiana leaf, lobelia herb, marshmallow leaf, skullcap herb and uva ursi leaf. Order the Herbal Smoke Formula today.

Of course this is a brief summary however the full program is available through a Professional Health Consultation at 

Everyone who is trying to make a change for the better in their health needs a support system. Call on family, friends and those who are living the smoke free lifestyle that you desire. You might also need a personal wellness coach. To schedule a complimentary 15 minute consultation book with me today. Services

You can free yourself from the addiction of marijuana and cigarettes. Your health is valuable enough to commit to the try.

Dr. Akua Gray
June 10, 2016
Houston, TX

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The No Menstrual Cycle Foolishness

Let me start this writing by saying, sisters you are sacred and your body is divine. Everything about you is perfectly natural from birth.  You have biological, glandular and hormonal systems in place through genetics and cellular memory designed to sustain human life on Earth that is perfectly in sync with the lunar and solar cycles of universal energy patterns that have existed in recorded time for more than 5,500 years.

It has been brought to my attention that the opinion that women are not supposed to have menstrual cycles has resurfaced from the coffers of time and is now been circulating around the internet by a few lively young men who are obviously just repeating what they have heard from other wellness lecturers like Pedro Soto, Phil Valentine and Llaila Afrika. This myth basically says that having a menstrual cycle for women is unnatural and not normal. It was foolishness 30 years ago and it is foolishness today. Wise up, just because it’s in a book that many people admire, myself included, doesn’t make it true.  In order to evolve in our thinking, we must question the opinions of our elders and do our own research and learn our truth based on life today. This pattern of analysis will give rise to the next generation of wellness thinkers that pave the way for improved health for the masses to come.

I know that many are not used to me using such language but it is necessary that women are made aware of their relationship with nature and the timeless rhythm of procreation that is a valuable aspect of how women flow as life givers to the world.

I often say that if you trace something back far enough you will find an African past to everything that exist. In the case of the menstrual cycle it has been documented in the medical papyruses of Egypt that to not have menstruation was considered to be diseased and there were prescribed remedies for this condition. The Papyrus Eber is an extensive translation of one of the medical text of Egypt that dates back to 1500 BC and includes remedies as far back as 3500 BC. This is proof the Egyptian women did have menstrual cycles. Now we know that we have proven that ancient African women had menstruation, let’s look at the world of other mammals in nature. Every other female mammal also has a menstrual cycle, the dogs, the cats, the elephants etc. Mother nature designed the divine feminine with innate instincts that helps her stay in alignment with the cycles of the body, animals and humans do not menstruate the same time in the same way, but the cycle is consistent throughout nature.
Medically no menstrual cycle during child bearing years is called amenorrhea which is classified as a pathological disease. The causes of this condition is poor nutrition, excessive stress, physical overwork of the body, poor body weight, and glandular malfunctions. Those that are perpetuating this myth often refer to women of indigenous cultures as being the role model for their proof that women who menstruate have a problem and are “unhealthy”. However, I have lived among the village women of Ghana for the last 7 years and I have seen many aspects of their life that would contribute to no menstrual cycle. The women are often overworked, the varieties of food that can provide nutritional balance is not a part of the daily stable diet, marital and family relationships are stressed due to poverty and substandard living conditions. With the presence of all these things I have worked with women who have consistent amenorrhea and some have gone through menopause as early as 35 years old.

The menstrual cycle can be calculated like clockwork according to the phases of the moon cycle on a monthly basis and seasonally according to the solar cycle in healthy women, this cannot possibly be the result of oppression. LOL! So you mean to tell me that man can tell your body or create the conditions that force your body to align with the moon for all of the women all over the world? Come on let’s really think about this and give credit to the creator for this divine system.

On another note, here a 10 ways to determine whether your menstrual cycle is healthy.
1. You can feel yourself ovulate.
2. Your body weight slightly increases by a pound or two one week before your scheduled period. 3. You have an increase in your desire for sex a week to two days before your scheduled period.
4. You have an increase in appetite one week before your period.
5. You do not have adverse PMS symptoms.
6. You feel your cervix open at the onset of the period.
7. The start to finish of your period is 5 days or less.
8. The pattern of your period follows the natural flow of light colored bleeding, not more than a few hours to a day of moderate to heavy flow and it ends with a light flow and then trickles off.
9. During your menstrual cycle you experience no pain or clotting.
10. During your cycle there is no foul odor.

Your cycle should be in alignment with the phases of the moon at certain time of the year. (See
I hope this sets at ease the mental and emotional confusion that many of you have called me with concerning the men, who have never had menstrual cycles, telling women that their menstruation is abnormal. As I stated in the beginning, your beautiful pituitary and hypothalamus glands designed by the creator knows exactly what their role is and how to work procreation miracles in your body. Find your peace and take good care of yourself. Contact me if you need me. I’d be happy to come and talk with the women in your community about ways to gain and maintain a healthy cycle. Your womb health can be perfect too.

In my next womb wellness blog, I’m going to weigh in on the menstrual cup. Leave a comment below and share your menstrual cycle experiences or questions and I’d like to hear your opinion on the menstrual cup.

Light and love,
Dr. Akua Gray
June 8, 2016
Houston, TX

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Your Period During the Equinox and the Solstice

Some women think that their moon cycle is determined strictly by the full moon, however this is truly not the case. The lunar cycle is a twenty eight day cycle that balances the energy of a woman's reproductive health. Every twenty eight days a women's body prepares for conception and bringing forth divine life, which is what she is designed to do. This cycle is evident in the flow of her sacred menstrual bloods that can normally be calculated to the day of when the menstrual cycle will begin.

The woman's body also has a seasonal cycle that most women are unaware of, and this is how the menstrual cycle also relates to the four time shifts of every year that maintains the balance of the seasons on the earth. These are known as the equinox and the solstice. During the two equinox seasons of spring and fall, the sun crosses the celestial equator, when day and night are of equal length. During the two solstice seasons of summer and winter is when the sun reaches its highest (winter) or lowest (summer) point in the sky at noon, marked by the longest (summer) and shortest (winter) days.

For women who use their moon cycle as a part of their techniques for spiritual, emotional and mental balance know that during the full moon is a good time to access positive energy and the new moon is a good time for new beginnings and growth. If a woman is healthy and in alignment with the natural rhythms of the earth, during the equinox her menstrual cycle will be in sync with the full moon. Again if she is healthy, during the solstice her menstrual cycle will be in sync with the new moon. If you have kept track of your cycle over the past year and you eat natural seasonal foods, hydrate properly, avoid medications, get the proper rest and have a system of living that eliminates excessive stress, drama and trauma, you will find this pattern to be true for your body.

Now let's look at the connection with the moon, the seasons and reproduction. The beauty in the creation of the woman's body goes far beyond her physical. As a divine feminine her ability to sustain life on the planet through conception and birthing is hands down one of her most beautiful features. Ideally the period only happens when conception is not achieved. Then the woman's body is then given a time to cleanse and rejuvenate over the next twenty eight days of each month. If the menstrual cycle comes forth during the full moon and the equinox it creates the venue for the woman to spiritually and physically enhance her nurturing skills, cultivate her creativity and a greater expanse of time to pamper herself with the extended days over a three month time frame. If the menstrual cycle comes forth during the new moon and the solstice, the seasons create the venue for the woman to mentally and emotionally reorganize her life, easily make positive plans for the future, change destructive habits, and move in and out of relationships that no longer serve her highest good. Take notice: you have probably had the courage to leave the most unhealthy relationships during the summer and winter and around your menstrual cycle time. ;-)

The power of the feminine divine is immeasurable and the creator designed these cycles of nurturing self for the care and protection of the world. Your menstrual cycle is a natural part of you and never let anyone tell you that it does not serve you well. Which leads me to my next point, apparently there some old men and some young men, I won't name names that have been perpetrating a farce about the menstrual cycle being unnatural, well I have a few words to say about that on in my next blog. We'll elevate from that level of stupidity and set the record straight. Stayed tuned.

Dr. Akua Gray
May 17, 2016
Houston, Texas

Learn more about the divine feminine in my latest book
Holistic Sexuality: A Practical Guide to Sexual Healing

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The World Vegan Tour 2016

It's a fact in today's busy world that most people are going to eat out more than they have time to stay home and prepare delicious home cooked meals, and those of us who choose a vegan eating lifestyle, often find ourselves with slim choices when it comes to eating out. We still have to compromise sometimes by dining at a restaurant that is not exclusively vegan and hope that they get your order right. No flesh, no dairy, no animal broth and no butter is hard for many non-vegan cooks and chefs to understand, so they think they are doing you a favor by adding some gravy! Ok let's stop there...

Now the one thing more that I like other than eating, is eating vegan and I'll be sharing with you some of my favorite vegan spots around the world this summer and fall. Dr. Chenu and I will be hitting the road and taking to the air to find some new exclusively vegan spots to share with you. So get ready to expand your vegan outreach with a personal review from us on the look, feel and taste of plant based eateries from the continents, countries and cities of the world!

Let's get started with the #1 city on the globe New York, NY! We had been hearing about this new place near Central Park from a group of colleagues that are big on vegan in the Big Apple and it just so happens that it is a stone's throw, which is a really short walk from our apartment in Harlem. After a Sunday morning walk in Central Park we decided to find this new spot for brunch. This cozy little boutique styled restaurant was very warm, inviting and dazzling. I love window seating so we picked a table front and center that gave us the best view from 55 St. Nicholas Avenue.

 If flavor was the point, Seasoned Vegan got it right! We started off with a really yummy vegan chicken salad in these lovely crispy shells and then moved on to real brunch dishes of grits, vegan fried fish with mixed veggies. Our second entree was smothered vegan chicken, with macaroni and vegan cheese and another assortment of mixed vegetables. Dr. Chenu and I always split our dishes to sample more varieties of the menus, and this was a hard split for me! My taste buds wanted every morsel.

As we neared the end of our meal, I went to introduce myself to the owner Ms. B and she was so thrilled that we enjoyed our meal that she offered us a dessert on the house and a sample of one her signature dishes, Vegan Crawfish made from fresh burdock root. I was so surprised by the taste, one, because I had never eaten fresh burdock and two, because in all honesty you cannot tell the difference between this vegan dish and real crawfish! I was even a little skeptical at first because although I have not eaten crawfish in more than 20 years the taste buds never forget and this dish was just too real in flavor and texture.

Seasoned Vegan gets 4 stars from me. I love the southern flavor, being from the South it is always nice to revisit those flavors I grew up with.  Although I"m ok with soy and TVP products it is good to use these in moderation. I plan to swing by Seasoned Vegan every time I'm visiting Harlem to get a taste of some of their non-soy/TVP selections as well.

Harlem has a treasure in it's midst and I highly recommend this be a must eat there spot for you!
Remember we'll be coming to you live as we make our way to some of the Top Vegan Restaurants in the world! Stay tuned.

Dr. Akua Gray
Houston, TX
May 10, 2016

Thursday, April 7, 2016

It's In Season this Spring!

Your Health Tune Up for Spring

Monitoring your spring harvest calendar is a great way to get foods at their highest nutritional value. Eating with the seasons means you shop from grocers and markets that buy directly from local farmers first. Educating yourself on how to eat for maximum nutrition for good health means you pay close attention to whats on sale and whats plentiful in the produce section.

For April, May and June most states will find the following in season:
cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, collards, spinach, peas, kale, lettuces, radishes, turnips, asparagus, beets, strawberries, basil, beans, blueberries, broccoli, garlic, okra, onion, peaches, potatoes, squash, cantaloupe, corn, cucumber, eggplants, peppers, tomatoes, watermelon, figs, and grapes.

How to utilize this info:
1: Plan your meals around what's available. 
2: Check with your local naturopath to test for nutrient deficiency if you find your self craving things that are processed or not in season.
3: If you take a chemical drug prescription for a food related disease, find out which nutrients are being inhibited by the medications, this will also explain side effects you may be experiencing and work towards changing your eating lifestyle to reduce or eliminate the medicinal crutch.

2016 is the YEAR TO VALUE YOUR HEALTH! Each month A Life Of Peace Wellness Education Institute will delve into topics of health and life changing ventures, resources and ways to continue your commitment to changing your health for the better. Like us on Facebook at A Life Of Peace Wellness Institute Community and get your weekly support and encouragement that will highlight the topics we mentioned earlier.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Is It Time to Reevaluate What You Are Doing With Your Life?

I offer a service called Life Balancing Reading that is meant to assist individuals and families with bringing focus to their best self and aligning themselves with their true purposes in life. From a holistic point of view once a person reaches adulthood they should be physically healthy, mentally sound, emotionally balanced and spiritually ascended. However, what we are finding instead in the average adult is that most people are living in a state of chaos, confusion and want for something more in life. This is not just about finances, but about a emptiness that makes living life to the fullest everyday impossible.

But it is possible to live life to the fullest and wake up with a sense of purpose living everyday; and here are three easy steps to get you started.
1. Take a moment to think about or write down all of the things you want to get a chance to be, to see and do during this life time.
2. From that list choose the top 5 things that you must do or else you will be sitting in the rocking chair at your old age saying I wish I could of , would of, should of...
3. Make a 1 year, 5 year or 10 year plan to accomplish at least 2 if not all of them and make a commitment to yourself to show yourself this love!

This creates ambition, focus, dedication and drive in your life. Despite all else you can do great things by releasing fear, enjoying the moment, and walk with the knowledge that the universe provides.

Dr. Akua Gray, ND
March 2, 2016
Houston, TX