Sunday, February 4, 2018

When Service Becomes Sacrifice

When Service Becomes Sacrifice 
5 Tips to Maintain a Good Relationship with Your Clients

Recently I read a social media post by a community healer that spewed out a long complaint at her clients and potential clients by saying from this point forward she would no longer answer questions or provide any free services to anyone and that they should book an appointment for a paid consultation. Now this is just a summary of the content, but the rant went on and on about how she was tried of people always wanting something for free, etc. As I read this comment my heart went out to the young lady because she is a classic example of a healer on the verge of burning out. Most healers who think this way have never taken a business course or had any marketing training, otherwise they would know how to organize their pro bono work and see every client as a divine reflection of themselves with something to offer in the mission of their purpose.

I have seen many healers go this route of resentment and frustration because of financial strain in trying to maintain living expenses and run a successful holistic health business. It is possible to provide service to your clients and still make a comfortable living. In Holistic Health Business 101 a course offered by A Life Of Peace, healers are taught the art of doing their healing work with joy and learning to take care of Self and all clients. Here's how...

1. The first step in the learning process is developing a spiritual and financial vision for your business and your life as a business owner. You have to ask the universe for who you want to serve in your business. Call them and they will come based on the energy of loving receptivity.

2. Take a marketing class, read books on marketing or get a marketing consultant that understands the wellness business that way you learn how to develop a business avatar and you never have to be concerned about how walks through the door. I highly recommend Creating an Abundant Practice by Andrea Alder and as a marketing consultant, Better Marketing Mastery, Brother Ankh Akhu.

3. Learn and practice good money management skills which include budgeting, saving, giving and enjoying the fruits of your labor. My best reference for this is Secrets of a Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Ekher.

4. Tap into the metaphysics of business growth and progress by mastering the internal requirements of success: vision, repetition, clarity and self-healing first. If you are a healer who has truly worked on yourself and have taken your ideology into actual living, the negative emotions of frustration, lack, and feeling unappreciated will be nonexistent. Instead your primary emotion in all your business transactions paid or free will be GRATITUDE, but you have to do the work.

5. Always take a break from business to rejuvenate yourself. Once a month, once a week and once a day. Give yourself some loving free time to just be. It will work wonders in your ability to work with every client or potential client that comes your way.

Oh, one last note true healers don't air their business frustrations on social media, they take them into meditation or to wise council as a form of self healing and growth.

K. Akua Gray
February 4, 2018
Takoradi, Ghana

About the Author: Dr. Akua Gray, ND is the author of numerous books on wellness, naturopathy and vegan nutrition. Her latest series of education manuals include Naturopathic Reiki Volumes 1, 2 and 3 and Detox Therapy: Detoxing Should Feel Good Too are available through or Amazon. She is currently the primary curriculum developer for A Life Of Peace Wellness Education Institute and teaches an annual series of Naturopathic courses online and in person. Visit