Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Divine Feminine Ascension

There is a resurgence of a very powerful divine feminine energy. Over the past five years, a legion of ancient ancestors and spiritual entities have reemerged in the African Diaspora with a certain set of skills that are capable of easily altering the fate of man kind. Those who are birthing baby girls right now are given the following instructions:

1. Teach her to live the meaning of her name.
2. Allow her to follow her natural instincts and intuitions, don't force man's customs and restrictions on her. She will naturally accept what she needs for this journey.
3. Protect her body and mind with proper nourishment. She is 70% water. She will naturally want to drink more than she eats. Do not defile her body with unnatural processed foods.
4. She will mature a lot faster in every way. Allow her to express herself, explore life and walk with her as a guide and protector.
5. Teach her about the ancients and help her to re-member the times she has come from.
5. Teach her at least two languages before she is 5 years old. They are world travelers.

These souls are walking with much power. Their natural alignment with universal energy will manifest as greatness as they cross each others paths and do their purpose work together.

...and so spirit says
January 27, 2015
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