Sunday, March 19, 2017

Spiritual Healing: The Energy Medicine with the Side Effect of Perfect Health

Spiritual healing is achieved through the force of consciousness. Not the consciousness of the mind, but the consciousness of cellular energy. Energy medicine centers on the ability of the therapist to internalize and be a conduit for the natural flow of ki. To heal the spiritual body is the ultimate factor in perfect health because everything that has a physical presence has come from the spiritual realm. Energy healing comes with the benefit of complete positive effects. It is the breakthrough in healing that so many are trying to find which makes the work of the energy medicine healthcare providers a mission in world healing.

Spiritual healing gets to the core of all ailments, and once this concentrated vibration has access to the internal confines of the body it makes a distinct determination. Is healing the necessary component or is this the point of no return based on the person’s cellular construction that is determined by their physical, mental and emotional health. If there is an equilibrium between the mind (thought/consciousness), emotions (cellular stimulation) and the body (an optimum health lifestyle), then the consciousness that is present in every cell of the body will freely yield to divine energy to share in its perfected state.

Spiritual healing should be the first line of therapy whenever any physical, mental or emotional problem is identified. Because the body flows like a river and is constantly in motion it is the natural flow of energy that will assists with rebuilding the body. This makes the mechanics of therapies like Reiki and Pranic Healing ideal. When the client has been nurtured with meditation, visualization and is at rest, the neurotransmitters have a free-flowing channel to disseminate the current state of mind to every cell. If this state of mind is developed and becomes the norm for the client it will help to maintain the physical health of the body without fail. The physical body represents the health of the spirit.

Inner Causes of Disease
There is so much to deal with in life today, but is it any more than the ancestors had to deal with in the millions of generations past? That question is relative to the thinker and can be answered with both a yes and a no. However, the relativity of the question is irrelevant because those who are seeking to spiritually evolve are also practicing living in the moment. It is the mastering of this living in the moment that is a hindrance to a disease-free body.

The mind can create disease with negativity and self-defeating thoughts. When a person worries about being sick, which most sick people tend to do, it sends out overwhelming signals to the brain that restructures the cellular “thinking” through the energy patterns that are being received. Therefore, the body responds by reproducing the dominant energy vibration that maintains and expands the sickness. Unfortunately, the same works for a person who is trying to remain positive and hopeful in the face of disease, but the people around them are constantly sending out negative thoughts and worries. Their amalgamation of these energy waves can be powerful enough to program the cells for disease expansion. This is too often impulsive behavior, and unless all parties surrounding the diseased person are synchronized in their thoughts of healing, it will be like an energy seesaw in the healing process, up and down, not knowing which way the game will end. Negative thinking confuses the complete energy body.

The emotions can create disease by drowning the cells in the chemical reactions of the hormones. This overwhelming internal contamination causes every part of the body to be saturated with often negative emotion. When a person expresses anger, the liver is most affected by this response, however the heart, the lungs, the pancreas, the stomach, the bones, the joints and the delicate tissues of the brain also become angry. Having any emotion permeate the body for an extended period of time is unquestionably detrimental on a cellular level because cells are energy with matter built around them, they can configure wellness or disease. The body must repair itself after each excessive emotional episode.

The body is the place that divine energy has come to for a material experience in the world.  Unhealthy physical conditions of the body will only become evident when the energy is messed up, the mind is perverted with negativity and the emotions are toxic.

Eliminating the Cause
Naturopathic Reiki has become a preferred therapy in the world of energy medicine to assist those who are ready to make the necessary changes for optimal health. The protocol of every good Reiki healthcare plan is spiritual health evaluation, aura assessment, chakra assessment, breath therapy, meridian therapy, and the application of Reiki therapy techniques relevant to the specified imbalance. The benefits of Reiki are so numerous that it should be one of the first therapies for any ailment. Reiki is a subtle vibration healing therapy that gently promotes balance in body, mind, and spirit.  Reiki restores synergy and relieves stress of every type. Most people at some point in their day to day busyness need the beauty of silence; a Reiki session will calm the mind, expand inner awareness, enhance transformation, and promote positive growth. It harmonizes and optimizes the body/mind processes by unlocking creativity, accelerating spiritual growth, and it encourages positive change in life. The results of therapy can be instantaneous or could require multiple sessions depending on the state of disease progression, which range from mild to fatal.

It is important to realize that disease often takes time to manifest because spirit is constantly “fighting” to maintain balance. Therefore, disease also takes time to be corrected which requires consistency and patience. Over time Reiki can enhance stamina, intuition, meditation, and spiritual evolution. This is not a guarantee that someone will be relieved of any ailment with a single or multiple Reiki sessions, it does however help all medical treatment. 

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Dr. Akua Gray
March 19, 2017
Houston, TX