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Friday, August 15, 2014

Self Assessment: Facial Analysis

What does your face say about your health? Do you have puffy bags underneath the eyes? Pimples and dark patches on your cheeks? A dark straight line across the bridge of your nose? Crow's feet? Or ladies, is the center space above the lip right underneath your nose crooked or displaced? All of these are signs and indicators that the body uses to communicate stress.

Like reflexology points, the face has areas of concentrated nerve endings that are relative to particular organs, areas and systems of the body. The upper part of the face forehead are is relative to the nervous system. The mid section of the face from the eyebrows down to the mid jaw line underneath the nose is relative to the respiratory and circulatory systems in which specific indicators can denote liver, kidney, lung, spleen, heart, stomach and gall bladder stresses. The lower part of the face surrounding the mouth and chin indicates stress in the reproductive and digestive systems. 

A self facial analysis is a simple first warning reader that the body is in need of healing. If you start to notice changes in the contour and color of your face or areas of the face begin to have unusual puffiness or hardness, it's time to see a naturopath or naturopathic physician who is able to help you identify these areas of stress to assist with the prevention of the development of disease. 

Living a healthy lifestyle is not difficult when you are dedicated to living well and living long. Know one know your body better than you and learning to listen to and read your Self is the first step to good health!

- Dr. Akua Gray, ND
August 15, 2014    
Houston, TX          

Natural Health and Wellness Consultant Online Certification
Naturopathic Herbalist Certification
Naturopathic Clinician Training - Houston, New York, Ghana

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