Thursday, January 23, 2020

Living in Ghana in Winter Part 2

There are pros and cons in most things in life especially when you uproot yourself from your birth home (Houston, TX) and relocate more than 5k miles away to your ancestral home (Ghana, West Africa) where no one in your living family has ever been. Repatriation opens your heart and mind to a new world different, exciting and incomprehensible!

Yes, Ghana is beautiful, peaceful and very affordable however, once you are on the ground here you do realize there are some serious issues that affect the quality of life.

1. The overwhelming amount of trash that is not disposed of properly. (We keep Divine Life Sanctuary compound, roadside and beach area clean.)

2. The poor conditions of the schools for children and the literacy rate. (We volunteer in our local schools, sponsor students, and donate school supplies.)

3. The high level of pollution on the roads due to little or no emissions standards. (We don't own a car.)

4. There is still a considerable amount of open defecation in the both the urban and village areas which points to overall poor sanitation conditions throughout the country. (Working with the Khepra Team to bring proper sanitation to rural areas of Africa.) 

I can't talk about country wide solutions to any of these because after living here for ten years it has become apparent that these things have become a part of the cultural norm. I do know that the results of these 4 nuisances in the fabric of the people contribute to poor health, lower life expectancy and it takes away from the beauty that the majority of Ghana is. If you have some solutions for these, let's vibe and work with the government and ministries to help out.

For those who are considering the move, know that just like in the US all things are not perfect no matter where you go. However, if I ran down to you my reasons for loving Ghana the list and what I can say about it would take up an entire book. Which I may write some day. 

Peace and blessings,
Dr. Akua
January 23, 2020
Central Region, Ghana

About the Author: Dr. Akua Gray, ND is the author of numerous books on wellness, naturopathy and vegan nutrition. Her latest series of education manuals include Naturopathic Reiki Volumes 1, 2 and 3 and Detox Therapy: Detoxing Should Feel Good Too are available  through or Amazon. She is currently the primary curriculum developer for A Life Of Peace Wellness Education Institute and teaches an annual series of Naturopathic courses online and in person. Visit