Monday, November 16, 2020

Travel to Ghana During COVID-19


A bit of anxiety was expected when Dr. Chenu and I purchased our tickets to return home for the fall and winter seasons, and believe me it crept in for a few 3 second intervals until we made it through the gates of Divine Life Sanctuary. When Ghana opened the borders back up, they did so with a tight knit plan to keep new COVID-19 cases from getting into the country and they were quite serious about it. 

Ghana has chosen to rely on COVID-19 testing as the way to keep the virus at bay. We received notice from Delta Airlines of the requirements for being able to depart from the US to fly and be admitted to Ghana. The first thing we had to do was complete a health declaration form on Ghana’s Health Ministry website. There was no confirmation given after we filled the form, so we just assumed they received it. Next was to prepay for the COVID-19 test that is required once you arrive in the Ghana airport in Accra. With this online payment we did receive a receipt of payment and we printed this out, and it was good we did because we were asked for it in both the Houston and NY airports and at the Accra airport upon arrival. Next, Ghana required us to take a PCR COVID-19 test and prove negative results no more than 72 hours prior to departure from the USA. We chose to go to the Any Lab Testing site in Houston, TX. They offered both the saliva test or the nasal swab test as an option. We chose the saliva test, easy and noninvasive. 

The flight from Houston to Accra was smooth and easy, it was just like normal travel. Once we touched down in Accra, we were the first to get off the plane and Ghana Health Ministry had everything ready! They set up the processing of passengers in stations that moved like clockwork. The first station confirming the Health Declaration form that we filled out online, they health officer had his digital verification unit and it was received. The next station was verifying payment for the Ghana COVID-19 test and receiving your receipt to show at the next station which was testing. At the testing station the health worker was very considerate and reassuring of a comfortable of experience that helped to alleviated some of the stress of having someone stick a long instrument up your nose. 

After testing they moved us right along to the final health screening which was temperature monitoring to ensure your didn’t have fever and checking of the Yellow Fever Vaccination card or the Vaccination Exemption form, we don’t do vaccines. They didn’t delay us going on through immigration and getting your passport stamped to enter the country and then allowed us to collect our luggage while the COVID-19 test was being processed. The last stop was collecting your tests results before being allowed to leave the airport and go on your way. 

I have to say I was impressed and excited about the proficiency and professionalism in the system that Ghana put together. According to the President Nana Akufo-Addo, this system has prevented over 200 positive COVID-19 cases from entering the country since the borders opened back up in September of this year. Although the COVID-19 cases are slowly rising here in Ghana, the government has taken the spread of the virus seriously.

Those who are considering travelling to Ghana, the required testing on both sides will cost on average an additional $400 to your travel expenses. Your health is worth every penny. 

Dr. Akua
November 16, 2020
Central Region, Ghana

About the Author: Dr. Akua Gray, ND is the author of numerous books on wellness, naturopathy and vegan nutrition. Her latest series of education manuals include Naturopathic Reiki Volumes 1, 2 and 3 and Detox Therapy: Detoxing Should Feel Good Too are available  through or Amazon. She is currently the Executive Director for A Life Of Peace Wellness Education Institute, Inc. and teaches an annual series of Naturopathic courses online and in person. Visit 


  1. Peace Akua. I experienced almost the same thing entering and exiting Burkina Faso in August. The difference: There was no check until I was to take my flight to Ethiopia on way to Burkina Faso. No U. S. questioning whatsoever. Burkina has had 68 deaths compared to US reported 268k.

  2. Alaafia Dr. Akua, this was very informative. I hope the opposite is done with such ease. I have someone looking to travel from Ghana to the States within the next few months!

    We are doing our best to stay safe and our health is definitely worth it! Wellness Wishes!