Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The No Menstrual Cycle Foolishness

Let me start this writing by saying, sisters you are sacred and your body is divine. Everything about you is perfectly natural from birth.  You have biological, glandular and hormonal systems in place through genetics and cellular memory designed to sustain human life on Earth that is perfectly in sync with the lunar and solar cycles of universal energy patterns that have existed in recorded time for more than 5,500 years.

It has been brought to my attention that the opinion that women are not supposed to have menstrual cycles has resurfaced from the coffers of time and is now been circulating around the internet by a few lively young men who are obviously just repeating what they have heard from other wellness lecturers like Pedro Soto, Phil Valentine and Llaila Afrika. This myth basically says that having a menstrual cycle for women is unnatural and not normal. It was foolishness 30 years ago and it is foolishness today. Wise up, just because it’s in a book that many people admire, myself included, doesn’t make it true.  In order to evolve in our thinking, we must question the opinions of our elders and do our own research and learn our truth based on life today. This pattern of analysis will give rise to the next generation of wellness thinkers that pave the way for improved health for the masses to come.

I know that many are not used to me using such language but it is necessary that women are made aware of their relationship with nature and the timeless rhythm of procreation that is a valuable aspect of how women flow as life givers to the world.

I often say that if you trace something back far enough you will find an African past to everything that exist. In the case of the menstrual cycle it has been documented in the medical papyruses of Egypt that to not have menstruation was considered to be diseased and there were prescribed remedies for this condition. The Papyrus Eber is an extensive translation of one of the medical text of Egypt that dates back to 1500 BC and includes remedies as far back as 3500 BC. This is proof the Egyptian women did have menstrual cycles. Now we know that we have proven that ancient African women had menstruation, let’s look at the world of other mammals in nature. Every other female mammal also has a menstrual cycle, the dogs, the cats, the elephants etc. Mother nature designed the divine feminine with innate instincts that helps her stay in alignment with the cycles of the body, animals and humans do not menstruate the same time in the same way, but the cycle is consistent throughout nature.
Medically no menstrual cycle during child bearing years is called amenorrhea which is classified as a pathological disease. The causes of this condition is poor nutrition, excessive stress, physical overwork of the body, poor body weight, and glandular malfunctions. Those that are perpetuating this myth often refer to women of indigenous cultures as being the role model for their proof that women who menstruate have a problem and are “unhealthy”. However, I have lived among the village women of Ghana for the last 7 years and I have seen many aspects of their life that would contribute to no menstrual cycle. The women are often overworked, the varieties of food that can provide nutritional balance is not a part of the daily stable diet, marital and family relationships are stressed due to poverty and substandard living conditions. With the presence of all these things I have worked with women who have consistent amenorrhea and some have gone through menopause as early as 35 years old.

The menstrual cycle can be calculated like clockwork according to the phases of the moon cycle on a monthly basis and seasonally according to the solar cycle in healthy women, this cannot possibly be the result of oppression. LOL! So you mean to tell me that man can tell your body or create the conditions that force your body to align with the moon for all of the women all over the world? Come on let’s really think about this and give credit to the creator for this divine system.

On another note, here a 10 ways to determine whether your menstrual cycle is healthy.
1. You can feel yourself ovulate.
2. Your body weight slightly increases by a pound or two one week before your scheduled period. 3. You have an increase in your desire for sex a week to two days before your scheduled period.
4. You have an increase in appetite one week before your period.
5. You do not have adverse PMS symptoms.
6. You feel your cervix open at the onset of the period.
7. The start to finish of your period is 5 days or less.
8. The pattern of your period follows the natural flow of light colored bleeding, not more than a few hours to a day of moderate to heavy flow and it ends with a light flow and then trickles off.
9. During your menstrual cycle you experience no pain or clotting.
10. During your cycle there is no foul odor.

Your cycle should be in alignment with the phases of the moon at certain time of the year. (See
I hope this sets at ease the mental and emotional confusion that many of you have called me with concerning the men, who have never had menstrual cycles, telling women that their menstruation is abnormal. As I stated in the beginning, your beautiful pituitary and hypothalamus glands designed by the creator knows exactly what their role is and how to work procreation miracles in your body. Find your peace and take good care of yourself. Contact me if you need me. I’d be happy to come and talk with the women in your community about ways to gain and maintain a healthy cycle. Your womb health can be perfect too.

In my next womb wellness blog, I’m going to weigh in on the menstrual cup. Leave a comment below and share your menstrual cycle experiences or questions and I’d like to hear your opinion on the menstrual cup.

Light and love,
Dr. Akua Gray
June 8, 2016
Houston, TX


  1. Thank you for this, because just from my own experience their theory is absolutely wrong. One, for myself, during my younger years I barely had a period and I was not the most healthy eating person in the world. Literally my period used to just be for half a day about three times a year if that. Now that I'm older for some reason my period is regular and my flow is regular now. I eat more health now than I did twenty years ago. So just with that their little period myth is busted.

    1. Thank you for your comment. Yes it is better for women to speak on this and 5000+ years of synchronized balance with the earth and celestial forces cannot be wrong.

  2. Very Nice blog for learning new things, thanks for such beautiful blog.