Friday, October 31, 2014

Self Assessment: pH Testing

Self pH (potential for Hydrogen) Testing has become very popular among those that want to maintain a good level of health. In the world of wellness it is common knowledge that disease and acid go hand in hand. Therefore it has been a quest of Wellness Wise Ones to maintain a natural foods eating lifestyle that is balanced with 80% alkaline and 20% acid intake.

When the pH levels of the body become imbalanced either way, too alkaline or too acid, it can cause stress and disease to the organs. Having this knowledge to improve your health is one of the main reasons pH testing has become so important and popular.

However, most people are taught only half of what is really needed to assess the overall pH of the body. Most people have been taught in their casual health talks and conversations that you can check the pH of the body through just testing the saliva with a strip from your local pharmacy. While yes, you can find out the pH level of your saliva this way, it does not give you the overall  body pH. It is the overall body pH that will let you know whether you are really ACID/ALKALINE.

In order to find the overall body pH it requires the pH testing of both the saliva and the urine. These two readings are necessary because the fluid of the saliva and urine provide a direct link to the overall nutrient level of the endocrine and digestive system functions. Once the pH of the urine and the saliva are read, there is a mathematical formula that is used by naturopaths to determine the overall potential for hydrogen of the body. then it can be decided whether a person needs to increase the intake of either more acid or alkaline foods and beverages, or if the body is in a neutral state and functioning well in it's nutrient absorption and nutrient dissemination.

If you would like to make pH Testing a part of your wellness regimen it is recommended that you learn the initial techniques from your local qualified Naturopath.

- Dr. Akua Gray, ND
  October 31, 2014 
Houston, TX          

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