Friday, July 17, 2015

Past Life Regression: Knowing When to Heal

Are you living with unexplained fears, anger, blame, shame or any other excessive emotion that prevents you from completely loving yourself and others without condition? Many people exist in this life time with repressed emotions and “funny ways” that not only stem from the early childhood but may even be unresolved issues from previous life times. Yes, the coming forth from other dimensions of time is a theory of reincarnation, where one accepts that the soul’s energy is extended beyond death of the physical body and is recycled into a new body to be allowed the opportunity to continue living and learning life’s lessons according to the purpose of the particular soul. Past Life Regression supports this concept of inter-dimensional connection. Past Life Regression is a hypnotherapy tool to assist with understanding and healing current symptoms of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues.

Hypnosis is a therapy that is used to activate the subconscious mind. Every bit of information that a person has ever experienced is stored in the brain and a healthy person has the power to activate cellular memory and recall any detail. The subconscious mind has no boundaries when it comes to logic, space and time. Many people may have fears or may be ignorant of Hypnotic Regression Therapy however it is a an extremely useful tool to remove depression, fear, unwarranted blocks to accepting love into your life and the negative attitudes towards living that people live with daily.

A word of caution, Past Life Regression should never be the first form of hypnosis that is done. If you seek this form of healing it will be recommended that you go through a series of basic hypnosis sessions to determine if Past Life Regression and hypnosis itself is right for you. Only a certified and practiced hypnotist should perform Past Life Regression Therapy and it is only used if it is requested by the client. This type of therapy opens deep levels of the mind where communication takes place of an emotional, spiritual and mental level.

The soul can come back through a few different channels.

v  Free will is the ability to choose your own path of existence.
v  Transmigration is the soul’s ability to come back in plant, animal or mineral form.
v  Reincarnation through the same bloodline is a part of many indigenous community’s knowledge base.
v  Reincarnation because of karma is expressive of the law of cause and effect that affords the soul a certain learning experience in the new life time. Karma is not a system of punishment.

During a past life regression session, the therapists creates an ambiance with dim lights, a nice comfortable chair or sofa, a warm blanket and sometimes candles. Aromatherapy is not used because scents that are familiar to the client may block them from obtaining connection with the deeper levels of their subconscious. The session is recorded for later references for the therapists and the clients.

Past Life Regression is a very beneficial tool for those who are emotionally addicted and need help with moving stagnant energy in their lives.

- taken from The Natural Health and Wellness Manual
by K. Akua Gray 

Dr. Akua Gray, ND
July 17, 2015
Houston, TX

Natural Health and Wellness Consultant Online Certification
Naturopathic Herbalist Certifcation - Self Paced Program
Naturopathic Clinician Training - Houston, TX and Accra, Ghana

Friday, July 10, 2015

Yoga Therapy: A True System of Healing

"In Holistic Health the goal is to bring balance to every aspect that is unique to the human experience. It involves balancing the mind to fully live in the present, with knowledge from the past and vision for the future. Holistic Health perfects the use of the emotions solely as a growth process with each emotion that is felt. It also aligns the physical body with nature to maintain youth and longevity to fulfill purpose. Lastly, Holistic Health teaches that everything is of the spiritual realm and the mastering of this aspect of life is the goal of the manifestation of divine energy. "
                                                                    -Dr, Akua Gray, ND

Yoga Therapy is a collaborative form of holistic healing. Yoga Therapy brings focus to every aspect of a person’s life, because complete healing needs to be full circle. The components Yoga Therapy is recommended based the individual needs of the client.

There are also various areas of wellness that must be adhered to for the benefits of Yoga Therapy to be complete. The first of these is purification which is a consistent regimen of cleansing the body of impurities. Impurities are the visible and invisible obstacles to wholeness and energy debris that are present in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realms of every person. Purification of the body inside and out starts with cleansing of the body with the breath, mind control and concentration.

Next is maintaining a healthy eating lifestyle. The ideal diet for humans is plant based and 70% liquid. Yes, since we are 70% water, to align ourselves with nature the ideal intake for humans should be mostly liquid based foods and there are all plants by nature's design.

The discipline of yoga postures are a large part of Yoga Therapy. The Yoga Therapist, after a thorough full body, mind, emotional and spiritual assessment will formulate a Lifestyle Platform to facilitate the building of harmony living for the client. This platform for living is extensive and is designed to be a system of longevity that a client can use throughout life consistently or whenever there is a need to restore balance in life. The Lifestyle Platform includes various types of yoga and their therapeutic uses. These healing postures are formulated in a Personal Training Table that begins with a minimum of 6 months of self service and Vitality Increase Focus.

What is yoga without meditation? It is an incomplete system of healing, therefore Yoga Therapy also balances the body temple with Meditation Therapy which includes advanced breath work,  creative visualization and Nerve Center Focus to move easily towards Transcendence.

Yoga Therapy in its complete form is only offered in India, Arizona, Florida New York, and Texas among the forerunners in this healing design of the most dynamic compilation of self care techniques available.

- taken from Yoga Therapy: The Postures of Healing 
in the A Life Of Peace Wellness Therapy Book Series 

Dr. Akua Gray, ND
July 10, 2015
Houston, TX

Natural Health and Wellness Consultant Online Certification
Naturopathic Herbalist Certifcation - Self Paced Program
Naturopathic Clinician Training - Houston, TX and Accra, Ghana