Thursday, April 30, 2015

Nurturing the Mind Through Meditation

Taking a moment in time from being on the edge of your thought processes is something that many people rarely do. Thinking about the physical world is a given, however the over consumption of thoughts leaves the rest of the body with little time to rest and enjoy purpose living. In mastering good health, meditation is an essential part of the formula. It is time taken to withdraw from the addictions of thinking too much and allowing the mind to rest. The mind, which for many NU THOT© agents is considered the body of man. This is viable because of the neurological melanin components that protect and serve throughout the divine temple. In other words, "you are what you think you are". There are numerous levels of meditative trance that can be useful for the individual depending on where they find themselves in their spiritual development.

The most basic of trance states is that which relates to the most animal part of man and that is induced by emotions. There's no need to actively try to get into it, it comes naturally. Take notice the next time you have a strong emotional response and the amount of time you spend locked into what just happened while being totally unaware of what is going on around you. Ideally this natural state of trance only last seconds, however in the immature mind this state can last years, especially in adults. However, to receive the full benefits of this state of trance the focus should not be on the emotions, but what is the lessons that is needed for your life based on this outer body stimulus interaction. I know this is a difficult way to think, but NU THOT© is necessary for growth.

The levels of meditation that are in between are those taught in yoga, religion, and through basic meditation principle practices. They are available on a wide scale everywhere. This level is where one learns to calm down, breathe and develop the art of seeking higher realms of consciousness. I don't think it is necessary to elaborate on the these. If interested, it is recommended that you look into what is available in your area. These are great places to start the journey for growth.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is what is referred to as deep trance meditation. It a place in the space of timelessness, thoughtlessness and just being. This level of energetic existence and understanding is rarely reached by even the best students of meditation because as physical manifestations of the divine energy we have been propelled out of that realm of reality to have a full physical experience. Ideally the only reason we are to enter into that energetic realm is to reboot and bring clarity to our earthly purpose. This level of wisdom access is an eternal peace portal. It is a way of living beyond all norms in spiritual self mastery. 

- taken from Yoga Therapy: The Postures of Healing 
in the A Life Of Peace Wellness Therapy Book Series 

Dr. Akua Gray, ND
April 30, 2015
Houston, TX

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