Sunday, April 8, 2018

When the Healer Needs Help: Accessing Your Ability to Self-Heal

When I arrived in Ghana this past October, I received the news that one of the healers in the Cape Coast community had died at the age of 50. I heard the accounts of the events leading up to her death from several other colleagues in the wellness field who were close to the sister. As I listened to each person's story of what happened, it dawned on me that the issue of eating healthy and the idea of what people think of themselves based on what other people think of them is still a problem among those who are proclaiming to be holistic health professionals. I also gathered that this sister starved herself to death with a coconut water diet to lose weight.

The addictive and dysfunctional eating habits that American people have been afflicted with runs deep in the psyche. It is very few people, health conscious or not that develop a lifestyle of eating and caring for themselves that is completely holistic. Unfortunately, many wellness providers also struggle with this. Knowing what to eat, how much to eat, which variety of foods to consume can all be overwhelming and confusing. In this confusion, even healthy eaters who are not mentally, emotionally and spiritually sound in their attempts at a holistic lifestyle can make their food obsessions and weight problems a matter of life and death.

Changing to a healthy frame of mind about the body takes not only physical commitment, but mental restructuring, emotional healing and a certain level of spiritual elevation. If these things are missing, transformation can never be complete. I often ask healers that I meet who have issues plaguing them about their support systems, who their go to person or people when they need help with their journey, and I have found that too many professional holistic health providers solely rely on themselves in their times of need. If this is going to be the pattern that healers of our current generations take, then there must be a formula in place for this type of self-care to be effective. I propose the following:

1. Check your mental health for a completely peaceful disposition. If you are not at peace with absolutely everything in your life. Get some help.

2. Check your emotional health for mastery of the 3 second formula on emotional awareness. In Natural Health and Wellness I teach that if you hold on to any emotion positive or negative for longer than 3 seconds, it is considered a sign of emotional dysfunction. Get some help.

3. Check your spiritual health. If you have been unable to remain consistent in mastering a program of spiritual ascension for a minimum of 5 years and you are still experiencing mental and emotional turmoil with problem after problem piling up, it is time for you to rely on your community of healers for some assistance.

4. Finding the right help for you. Question: Does the person you are seeking to help you have all of the above working in their favor? Peace of mind and a love for life. Emotional balance with unconditional love. Spiritual balance that has them living a life of peace. There are many healers who have done the work and reached these levels of ascension. They are light workers here to help you. Ask the universe for what you need and it will come.

Take care of yourselves Beautiful Ones.
We need all of the healers we can get who are whole and healthy.

Light and love,
Dr. Akua
April 8, 2018
Houston, TX

About the Author: Dr. Akua Gray, ND is the author of numerous books on wellness, naturopathy and vegan nutrition. Her latest series of education manuals include Naturopathic Reiki Volumes 1, 2 and 3 and Detox Therapy: Detoxing Should Feel Good Too are available through or Amazon. She is currently the primary curriculum developer for A Life Of Peace Wellness Education Institute and teaches an annual series of Naturopathic courses online and in person. Visit 


  1. This article of truth is timely and much needed. It is my hope that we as a community of healers have that by yourself meeting to determine where we are from a Wholistic point of you.
    I recently had to make that acknowledgement. Someone recently asked me if I was practicing Reiki because practitioners are needed in the community. I respectfully replied that I was not in a position right now to offer healing to anyone. I am in a process of self healing.
    Just as the saying goes, "hurting people hurt people, the same concept is true for attempting to offer healing when you're not " whole". I desire to see true healing and transformation take place across the globe not a transference of more of the same dis-ease people already struggle with.

    Thank you Dr. Akua

    1. Thank you for you commitment to loving yourself and seeking wholeness first. You are welcome. Enjoy the journey to your highest self. We are open to receiving your great works when you are ready. Peace

  2. Thank you for this succinct and insightful message. I’ve been noticing how my dreams, if I would accept their truths, are giving me this same message. It is easy to say Healer, heal thyself; it is quite another thing to check in (meditate; authentically listen) and accept the messages of the heart when your natural makeup is mental (energetically and planetary-wise), and the synthesis of mind-body-spirit-social environment expression through emotions is not at optimum. Attaining this state would have many more of us slow down and alllow our True Selves/The Gift We Are to guide us in the best way to serve, help and heal others. I’m inspired by your take on this Dr. Akua and I thank you and appreciate you.

    1. Let the healing continue to manifest in its perfect essence for those who are seeking. Be well. I appreciate you too.

  3. You have to make sure that you get enough sleep and regular exercise and healthy diet as well. Do not take your health for granted.
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