Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Juicy! A Healthy Cuchee!

Is your cuchee juicy and healthy? If not, we have to talk. There’s something so sweet about a woman that makes the world stand at attention when she’s present. There is a channel of life that all must travel through in order to become a physical being in this world and only woman possesses it. It is soft, warm, encapsulating, enchanting and deeply internal. It is the vagina! This vessel of life is fabulous in its own right, however if you find that your vagina is not always healthy, there is something that you can do about it. 

As young girls many of us were taught to care for the yoni, the exterior part of the female genitalia surrounding the opening of the vagina, but the care of the interior was not a topic of conversation that many of us had with our mothers, aunties or grand moms. In fact, we were often taught to stay away from that area because of the idiosyncrasies and taboos that have been associated with the knowledge that vaginal awareness can bring. That was the old days, thank goodness times have changed and we are now able to openly and freely talk about this wonderful part of our body that is the channel of life for the world.

Caring for the vagina is really not that difficult she only requires a small amount of your time to show that you care and understand her needs to be healthy. First is keeping her top parts fresh and clean is a sign of love and appreciation for this sacred space. The most vital ingredient for yoni health is water, and not just a splash during shower time but a good soaking relaxing bath that submerges her to cleanse and rejuvenate every crease and crevice that makes up your beautiful cuchee. It is also good to avoid using chemical perfumes and creams that create a concentrated level of toxicity to the blood vessels of the yoni. If the vagina is healthy, those things are not needed.

The vagina is actually a self-cleaning organ so there’s no need to invade her with douches or suppositories that promise “toxic” freshness. These products are actually unhealthy and can cause an imbalance in the good vaginal bacteria that is needed for the sacred work of the vagina in receiving the phallus during times of sacred union with your mate. Since the vagina is an internal organ, it is best to care for the vagina internally and the primary component to internal care is nutrition. Yes, the way to a healthy vagina is through your other set of luscious lips! Here are the top 10 foods and drinks that keep the vagina sweet, healthy and ready for love!

#1 H²O The entire body is 73% water and the vagina functions well when she has enough hydration available to secrete the vaginal fluids needed for sex and cleansing. A dry vagina is not happy so to keep the sensual succulence flowing, drink half your body weight in ounces of natural water per day. 
#2 Pineapple juice is the best citrus juice for the vagina. Not only does it provide a wealth of vitamin C that keeps the vaginal wall elastically firm, but it also provides a sweet fragrance that enhances to the pheromones that are released by the small glands in the vaginal walls at the height of libido every month just before the menstrual cycle. Every woman wants to be sweet oooooo!
#3 Moringa tea is one of the most nutritious herbal drinks for the health of the vagina. It provides a full daily supply of vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids and enzymes that help to maintain the longevity of the organ. Age does not have to be the end of vaginal health and the enjoyment of sex. A daily dose of moringa improves your quality of life and the quality of your vagina.
#4 Coconut water and plenty of it is filled with sweetness and electrolytes. The vagina needs electrolytes for cellular regeneration. The vagina in its natural cleansing process sheds layers of cells every month and replaces those cells with new ones to keep the vagina firm and functional. In other words, you get a new vagina every month with the right nutrition.
#5 Cocoa in its natural powdered form without additives like the commercial drinks has two profound benefits for the vagina. First it is loaded with antioxidants that stave away harmful cells and second it is an excellent aphrodisiac that increases libido. Have a cup of cocoa daily to increase your chances of pregnancy and maintaining fertility.
#6 Green leaf foods like lettuce, spinach, komtumbre, collard greens and sweet potato greens are rich in chlorophyll which is natural blood builder that enhances circulation and nutritional absorption. Without an adequate amount of green foods daily the vagina can be susceptible to disease.
#7 Okra is a natural lubricating and cleansing food for the vagina and the digestive system. Women often suffer from constipation due to a poor eating lifestyle and stress. Constipation is a nightmare for the vagina because of the location of the rectum and vagina being parallel to each other. When constipation occurs there is physical stress that is put on the vagina from the impacted feces. The vagina does not have adequate room for proper circulation and glandular function. Okra stew or a fresh okra salad every other day does wonders for the bowels and keeps the vagina free flowing.
# 8 Pears/Avocado is a healthy fat filled with omega 3 and omega 6 nutrition as well as multiple vitamins and minerals including potassium, which control the water component of every cell. Avocado also boosts the libido and keeps the fatty layers of the vaginal wall tender and flexible.
#9 Sweet Potatoes are a healthy starch and a great source of vitamin A which provides the foundation of healthy skin in the vagina. Vitamin A also provides nourishment for the female sex hormones which make for a longer sex life as you age. Get your groove back with some sweet potatoes weekly.
#10 Watermelon the best juicy fruit for the vagina! Not only is it hydrating but it is packed with the best nutrients for a healthy vagina! Vitamin C, vitamin A, magnesium, calcium, potassium and protein are all beneficial for vaginal health. So to add a lot of sweetness and nutrition grab a slice of this good stuff for your good stuff!
I also want to include here some things to avoid that destroy the health of the vagina. If these are a part of what you think is healthy for the vagina, I would encourage you to eliminate them as soon as possible.
Processed sugar and sweets such as ice creams, cakes and candy destroy the nerves and the ability of the body to fight off diseases, bacteria, viruses and parasites. You are putting not only your vaginal health but your entire health at risk with eating products with processed white sugar. Use natural sweeteners instead like honey, maple syrup, agave or cane sugar.
Soda and other carbonated drinks have a dehydrating effect on the vagina. The body naturally gets rid of carbon so to add an excessive amount of carbon to the body is like feeding the body poison. Soda’s second highest ingredient is sugar, sugar destroys cells and paralyzes the immune system leaving you susceptible to ailments and immune deficiencies.
Alcohol is another poison that is widely used by women who are not health conscious. Alcohol constricts the blood vessels of not only the brain but also the entire female reproductive system. When alcohol is consumed by a woman the brain treats it as a poison and immediately tries to protect the body from the invasion of toxicity so it constricts the blood vessels as a form of protection to not allow the chemical to damage the two most vital parts of the female anatomy, the brain and reproductive organs. To maintain reproductive health, avoid all alcohol.
Douching dries out and strip away the good fluids from the vagina. If your vagina has a foul odor, visit your health care provider to verify that there is not a disease presence and immediately change your eating lifestyle to include the above foods.
Tampons are a direct invasion of the vagina. There are only two things that are naturally meant to go inside the vagina; a penis and water when you take a bath. So to force a stick of chemical soaked polyester and cotton into the vagina is like an assault and it would be hard for me to believe that any woman finds this pleasant. The artificial ingredients in tampons do more harm than good in the long run on the wear and tearing of the vaginal walls which can cause scar tissue. Wearing natural 100% cotton pads is the best way of staying clean during your period.
Vaginal and uterine birth control devices are also an unhealthy invasion of the vagina. Anything artificial that you or your doctor have to force into the vagina comes with significant health risks. The vagina and uterus are very delicate organs that were put internally by the creator because they were not meant to be touched. Their locations were intended to protect the sacredness of the job that they have to do in birthing. So any device that is implanted or inserted will be treated by the body as a threat and your natural hormones, enzymes and melanin will work against it to relieve the body of the invasion thus the side effects that often show up that cause problems in the reproductive system. It is best to use natural birth control, but that’s another article. Soon come.
The vagina is the superstar of the woman’s body. The work that she does brings pleasure to the world and maintains the existence of humanity on earth. When we as women make a conscious effort to care for ourselves we must also include the care of our beautiful sacred space. I’m wishing you and yours a HAPPY VAGINA!

Affirm with me: “My vagina is sacred and I will eat, drink and care for her health!”

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Dr. Akua Gray
January17, 2017
Cape Coast, Ghana

Thursday, January 5, 2017

We Have 18 Million People Missing in Our Comminities!

Statistically it has been noted that since the legalization of abortions in 1973 through Roe vs. Wade, more than 56 million abortions have been performed in the United States. Of those 56 million, 18 million have been African-American. This loss of life is a clear indication that Americans do not understand or value soul purpose. Soul purpose is the acknowledgement that all life that is created in the womb has come forth to fulfill a specific purpose in its designated space and time in this physical realm. This simply means that no conception is unintended by the creative energy that wills fertilization and birth. On a spiritual level abortion creates a void in the balance of the universe because it denies those 18 million souls the opportunities to fulfill their intended purpose which is an energy interaction with all the souls that are present in the world at that time. Unfortunately, the majority of our people are not taught about living from a holistic point of view and abortion has become an accepted solution to individual fears, likes, dislikes and dysfunctional sexual behaviors.

Among the present statistics on abortions it has been noted that fifty percent of the women and families who choose abortion do so on a repeated basis and about one-third of all American women have had at least one abortion for the sake of convenience. Teenagers account for twenty percent of all abortions each year; which points to the fact that parents and children must be educated on the responsibilities of their sexual behaviors. Aside from the tremendous amount of work to be done on restructuring this aspect of the African-American social system gone wrong, many women/families are suffering from the guilt of the abortion choice(s) they have made or have been forced to make in the past.

We have 18 million people missing in our communities. 

It's not enough to just know this and continue on with your daily life. It is time to honor the energy of every unborn child and to acknowledge the divine rites of passage of the body and its ability to bring forth human life. Honoring the energy of conception is a way to promote spiritual growth in the African-American community. The ability to conceive is not given to every woman and man. Having this ability is truly an honor and this honor should be protected with responsible choices in sexual behavior. Therefore, the work is to assist families and individuals, especially the youth in developing ways of enlightening themselves with the knowledge of holistic sexuality.

If you hear the spiritual message here then COMMIT TO LIFE by changing and teaching others to honor the responsibility of our sexual relationships and the possibilities that they may bring. All life that comes through the penis and womb has purpose and unless a person is willing to be responsible for nurturing divine life purpose then precautions must be taken to only give and accept the life giving seed when two people are ready for that soul to be a part of the physical world.

Abortion recovery is also a real need in our community. If you are in need of this service in your life, there is a Natural Health and Wellness Consultant in your community available to assist with releasing any mental, emotional or spiritual debris that you may still be harboring from the 18 million people that are missing in our communities. Please visit www.a-life-of-peace.org or email me at akua@alifeofpeace.org to find a naturopathic counselor in your area.

If you have topics that have not been brought to the table in this time of change that you know will be beneficial, you are welcome to send me any topics you would like me to discuss. We all have to do our parts and I know you are one of the chosen.

Dr. Akua Gray
January 5, 2017
Cape Coast, Ghana