Monday, November 30, 2015

Your Winter Home Spa

A home spa, especially during the winter  is a great way to enjoy staying home and it's an inspiration to take better care of yourself when the cold is limiting your movement. Setting up your home spa begins with getting in touch with your pleasure principles, what makes you feel good, beautiful fragrances, soothing touch, stimulating sounds, the feel of warm water or just those moments of silence in a plush atmosphere. Discover moments of relaxation and develop a commitment to loving yourself for good health and peace.

Speaking of atmosphere, let's create one that can fully manifest your choice of pamper pleasures. Choose your room or rooms and clear the clutter. The bedroom can you be your sanctuary for touch therapy and quiet contemplation time. The bathroom (new name - Hydrotherapy Oasis ;-), is where you have that instant whirlpool that fits right in your tub! Decorate and dazzle yourself! Coordinate with those colors that give you that sense of peace and calm. No need to paint choose simple cloths to hang and drape. If you're into aroma therapy, the best investment will be an essential oil diffuser. Naturally speaking it is water based, using  plant based essential oils and produces fragrances that last for hours.

Since we are natural beings, our experience in pampering ourselves should be natural as well. Whatever your focus for pampering whether it is hair, face, nails, hands, feet, skin, hydration, relaxation or rejuvenation using natural products such as clay, mud, water, salts, crystals, resins, castille soap, shea butter, coconut and other plant based oils will completely nurture the body. The natural rule of thumb is, "If you can't eat it, you shouldn't put it on your skin."

Your fun and relaxing spa focus areas include hydrating the body for added moisture, cleansing dead skin with exfoliation, stimulating endorphins by taking the time for healing touch, although not emphasized in the traditional spas, your internal beauty determines what you see on the outside, therefore prepare nourishing meals that make you feel great about eating healthy, and repairing areas of the body that have been neglected by your busy lifestyle.

Just a few hints on some home spa techniques and equipment that can make your home spa a lasting feature all year round. Experiment and explore with plush pillows, non-shedding towels, ornaments for beauty enhancements, personal steamer, skin brush, feathers, feet and hand soak tubs, q tips, mani/pedi kits, reflexology floor mat and manual massage tools.

Lastly, one of the best things about having a winter home spa is that you can share the experience with others by scheduling an intimate spa party for your girlfriends, a night of pampering for you and your special someone, or just scheduling two days a week where you have a personal learning to love yourself party!

Dr. Akua Gray, ND
November 30, 2015
Houston, TX

Naturopathic Clinician Training - Houston, TX and Accra, Ghana