Sunday, February 12, 2017

Free Food for Life

A few years ago I came across a post on Facebook that said. "FOOD IS FREE!" I immediately agreed, Liked the post and checked myself to make sure that living this fact was a part of what I was doing. My family has been gardening for 28 years and we have been able to reduce our food bill to a minimal compared to the average family that spends $200 - $500 per week on the grocery bill. Annually that is more than $10k to $27k. What could you do with at least half of that income if it stayed in your pocket or in your community?

Growing food is one of the easiest things that we can do, but it does require a little of your time to get it growing and a little organization and commitment to keep it growing. As a part of our commitment to effectively change our communities, developing food security is vital. Being able to have alternatives to high grocery bills will lift some of the financial strain on your family. Here are 5 tips that can be taken immediately to move from total dependence on others to feed you and your family or at least reduce your grocery bill.

1. Begin a garden project at home this spring and commit to it for one year. Utilize some back yard space to plant fruit trees or begin a basic raised bed garden with organic seeds from your local nursery or food co-op. If you rent or live in an apartment try growing a vertical garden indoors, a potted plants garden on the patio or a window sill garden. Check out Dherbs articles on the vertical garden. Try it for at least four seasons and count the savings.

2. Become a vegetarian. The majority of the foods you will garden will be fruits and vegetables. Therefore, when your livelihood depends on vegetation, which is the easiest to grow, you and the family will automatically have the staples available right in your back yard.

3. Join a local organic foods co-op. Yes, the reality is that many families do not have the time between working and paying the bills to grow enough food to make a significant savings in the food bill. However, there are local farms and food co-ops in every state and in all major cities that are hard working advocates for providing fresh chemical free foods to those that understand and support the importance of consuming natural foods. Here's a national link for food co-ops in your area.

4. Commit to eating more fresh foods. REAL FOOD NEEDS NO LABEL. Reduce the number of bags, bottles, cans and boxes you feed yourself and your family out of. Try this simple experiment. The next four times you go grocery shopping separate the fresh produce from the processed packaged non-foods and pay for them separately. After surveying the two receipts for a month compare the difference in how much you spend on fresh produce and the food out of boxes, bottles, cans and bags. You will be amazed that if you doubled the produce you buy, it still will not equal what you pay for in processed foods.

5. Get a health screening from a Naturopath or a Nutritionist. Your body will stay well or break down based on your nutritional intake. We have a built in medicine maker that needs plant based vitamins, minerals and enzymes to help you live out your life's purpose. Take some time to get you and your family checked out for nutrient deficiencies and pH imbalances. Your regular MD does not usually check for these things, that is why I recommend a Naturopath whose first line of recommendation for any imbalance is nutrition. Seeing a Naturopath will bring to the light the types of fresh foods that will be best for you and your family to get healthy. Contact me and I can let you know if there is a Natural Health and Wellness Consultant in your community or to learn more about becoming a certified Naturopath visit or email me at

Food is a natural entity in the world we live in, it was provided by universal energy to sustain life on the entire planet. However, modern society has successfully brainwashed people into think that the only way to adequately feed yourself is through the food industry. Be courageous enough to prove them wrong. FOOD REALLY IS FREE.

If you have topics that have not been brought to the table in this time of change that you know will be beneficial, you are welcome to send me any topics you would like me to discuss. We all have to do our parts and I know you are one of the chosen.

Dr. Akua Gray
February 12, 2017
Takoradi, Ghana