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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Have a Little Drink, If You Know What I Meeeeaan!

What does living in perfect health really mean? Some would say that it is impossible to have perfect health, while others would say perfect health is relative to the individual and what he wants to achieve in life. There really is no right answer when it comes to the subject of perfect health, however there is a protocol that will ensure levels of perfection that are undeniable. There are so many obstacles to just plain good health today that before one can think of perfection, these obstacles must be overcome and eliminated from everyday living and consumption. The first of many is alcohol. 

Alcohol has become so common place now that there is not one adult television show or movie that does not have drinking scene or one neighborhood that does not have an outlet/bar that sells liquor. Although over the last 500 years we have seen the devastating affects that alcohol consumption has had in the lives and health of billions of people it is still being marketed and sold in every corner of the world. I live in a very small village in the Central Region of Ghana West Africa. In my community we number about 200 people. In the village proper there are more than 5 bars that sell liquor in the smallest single shot packages to the largest bottles of "Snaps", they are open from morning till morning and there is always someone sitting for drinks. This addictive substance has become a detriment to many families and individuals. However, the majority of people still thinks it's alright to have a little drink

Let me tell you what liquor does to the body to get you high. When you take a drink of liquor, beer, whiskey or wine soon after a person feels "relaxed" or "whoozey" and many consider this a good feeling because it takes there mind off of their troubles and stresses. However what is really happening in the body is a toxic reaction to poison. Anytime you introduce alcohol into the body it immediately recognizes it as a poison and goes into defense mode. The blood vessels of the brain begin to constrict (tighten up) to protect the brain, which is the center of the central nervous system, this constriction is to stop as much of the poison from entering the brain, therefore the oxygen and blood supply to the brain is reduced which creates the high feeling and the reduced level of consciousness. In an effort to rid the body of the toxins as fast as possible many drunk or inebriated people will experience frequent urination' also as a defense to the poisonous drink. 

On a physical level alcohol adversely affects the stomach, the heart and liver. For a person who drinks alcohol frequently the tell tale signs will begin to show up on their face with the following: enlarged red sweaty nose, an enlarged tight upper lip, an enlarged juicy looking bottom lip, and glossy red eyes. (see Self Assessment: Facial Analysis for more details on what the face can reveal) It never fails that a chronic drinker will have one or more of these signs. The body tells everything! Another crucial side affect of drinking alcohol is creating an overly acid state in the body which depletes the body's calcium supply and blocks other nutrients from being assimilated. Not to mention the diseases that can eventually develop due to alcohol consumption that can induce heart failure, kidney failure and liver failure.

The bottom line is those that choose to be healthy don't choose alcohol.

Dr. Akua's Alcohol Detox Plan:
1) Get a health assessment from a qualified Naturopath. (One who doesn't drink.)
2) Get blood work done to determine the health of your vital organs.
3) Begin work of the emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances that make the use of alcohol necessary in dealing with life.
4) Use proven stop smoking techniques that include a nutrition plan, an alternative drink formula of herbs that regenerates the brain on a cellular level and curbs the taste of alcohol.
5) Join a support group and actively change your drunk friends and hangouts.
6) Hire a Life Coach To schedule a complimentary 15 minute consultation book with me today. Services

You can free yourself from the addiction of alcohol. Your health is valuable enough to commit to the try. 

Dr. Akua Gray
August 31, 2016
Houston, TX

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