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Monday, August 18, 2014

Self Assessment: Tooth Analysis

Each tooth tells a story about your health. The interconnectedness of the body systems is a part of what makes you such amazing creation. The teeth are relative to certain nerve ending in the central nervous system along the spine, they also house nerve endings that are linked to the internal organs and extremities of the body.

Inconsistencies and indicators that show up in the teeth can include cavities, discoloration, broken teeth, sensitive teeth, missing teeth or any issue with a tooth other than a completely healthy state. Depending on the tooth that is affected, this will pinpoint specific areas of the body that are either susceptible to disease or has an inherent weakness based on your genetic make up.

For example if you have a cavity that developed in tooth number 15 this area is relative to issues that may occur in the stomach, pancreas, jaw, sinuses, the front of the knee, the parathyroid and the mammary gland. Think about it, when you were eating that candy, all your teeth got the sugar, but why in particular did #15 develop the cavity? Inherent weakness. When we look at the teeth as an indicator of health we are dealing with what we term in naturopathy as disease tendency. This means that although specific symptoms or degenerations have not occurred, because there is a noted inherent weakness based on the body's response to the environment, there is a possibility that one can experience difficulty in this area of health if precautions are not taken such as living a healthy lifestyle.

A tooth analysis is best done by an experienced naturopath however to get an overview of your inherent weaknesses first learn to count your teeth to identify which ones have indicators.  Use the tooth analysis chart to gain insight on the areas of your body to be aware of to maintain good health. Visit your local Natural Health and Wellness Consultant or A Life Of Peace Wellness Institute to schedule an appointment.

- Dr. Akua Gray, ND
August 18, 2014    
Houston, TX          

Natural Health and Wellness Consultant Online Certification
Naturopathic Herbalist Certification
Naturopathic Clinician Training - Houston, New York, Ghana

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