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Thursday, August 11, 2016

World Vegan Tour: Stop 3 - The Big D!

No mater where we travel, it is always a wonderful treat to find a completely raw restaurant. On our latest trip to Dallas, TX we were actually not thinking about raw, because the recommended spot for the best vegan food in Dallas, was a cooked vegan diner. Unfortunately, the diner was closed on the day we had available to eat out. So I ventured to to see what the alternative had to offer in vegan cuisine in Dallas. They had a lot of the usual Asian food type eateries that came up however, we’ve been there and done that, and unless I’m in Thailand, which I do plan on visiting soon, we’ve had just about everything vegan in Thai food. I was on the quest for something unique and guess what I found! BE RAW: Food and Juice Cafe in a cozy little village type shopping area that boasted an irresistible menu of live foods, raw vegan drinks and desserts.

You know the pictures on websites always make places look much bigger than they really are and this restaurant was tiny, in fact so small that you walk through the cashier station and kitchen to get to the coed bathroom. However, you know big things can come in small packages and the flavors and quality that Be Raw is putting out is tremendously big! I really love fresh organic food the flavors. 

We were greeted by the most knowledgeable host. He was super friendly and his suggestive selling presentation made you want to order it all. And I think we did because the bill was close to $100. Anyway spare no expense for organic and quality. Ok, enough of the side bars, let’s get to the food.

We started off with fresh young jelly coconuts and fresh squeezed organic green juice, now how many eateries have this? 

Then we moved on the entrees which included a sunflower seed tuna inspired sandwich, taco salad and Rawcos (tacos)! Take a look at these!

 Often times there is the misconception that raw food restaurants don't give you enough food. This was not the case with Be Raw. The serving portions were very filling and delicious. I like to taste every part of the vegetation in my meals and the mixture of fresh and dehydrated veggies in the taco salad was the best when it came to flavor. Chenu really liked the sunflower pate "tuna" sandwich, however I didn't find it very flavorful and only took a few bites from my portion of the dish. There were so many other things I would have loved to have tried on the menu but my stomach was just not going to have any overeating, so we finished off with the vegan cookies and cream cheesecake and cacao donuts holes.

We also had a visitor with us on this trip, Abena came to visit from NYC for the weekend and the food and fellowship was divine. She had the Rawsanga that you see pictured at the top of the page and her plate was empty too when it was all over. Dallas, TX has a real treat for you in the raw and we give this vegan spot 4.5 ankhs.

Dr. Akua Gray
Houston, TX
August 11, 2016

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