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Friday, June 10, 2016

Dealing with the Smoking Vice Grip

In this series, we have been gauging the value of our health this year and looking at what we are willing and able to change that will make living healthier and longer a reality. There is a demon among us that is at epidemic proportions in every community and possibly every family and that is the habit of smoking marijuana, tobacco or both. Smoking as an addiction is real and most people who know the risk often make an attempt to quit but find themselves failing again and again. To be successful in eliminating the smoke addiction is best done as a weaning process that begins with a change in the individual's consciousness about their health.

When I work with clients on releasing the smoke addiction there are two questions that I pose for them to ponder: How long do you want to live? and What are you going to commit to doing to make that a reality? What I find is that most smokers have a fear of respiratory disease and dying that slow painful death involving hospitals, breathing machines and cancer. However, even this fear is trumped by the nicotine and THC.

I also take my clients through a series of reality checks that make the risks involved in smoking more real by gauging the affects the addictions have had on them so for on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. Let's preview some of these steps and you are welcome to use them and share them to help yourself or someone you love.

Dr. Akua's Smoking Health Gauge:
     1) In the initial health assessment we check the overall body pH. Which helps us determined the      chemical affects smoking has had on the body's Potential for Hydrogen
     2) Then we order a chest x-ray to be able to see the damage that has been done to the lungs up to this point in their smoking life.
     3) We also determine the emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances that make the use of smoke necessary in dealing with life.
     4) We develop a Stop Smoking Health Alternative that can include a nutrition plan, an alternative smoke formula of herbs that reduce the need for nicotine and THC in the brain and on a cellular level. This blend of organic herbs regenerate the lungs and creates that relaxed feeling without the harmful chemicals of cigarettes. The herbal formula includes mullein leaf, damiana leaf, lobelia herb, marshmallow leaf, skullcap herb and uva ursi leaf. Order the Herbal Smoke Formula today.

Of course this is a brief summary however the full program is available through a Professional Health Consultation at 

Everyone who is trying to make a change for the better in their health needs a support system. Call on family, friends and those who are living the smoke free lifestyle that you desire. You might also need a personal wellness coach. To schedule a complimentary 15 minute consultation book with me today. Services

You can free yourself from the addiction of marijuana and cigarettes. Your health is valuable enough to commit to the try.

Dr. Akua Gray
June 10, 2016
Houston, TX

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